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  • Reclaim critical components and fits to meet or exceed customer/industry specifications on any make/model pump
  • Each job will go through a thorough DCI process (disassemble, clean and inspect)
  • Digital photographs are captured when pump is received and during DCI
  • Initial inspection findings are documented on customized inspection forms
  • A detailed workscope is developed to document as found conditions and recommended repairs based on initial findings
  • Final inspection of pump components are documented on pump specific inspection forms
  • A repair report will be available for each job at customer’s request
  • Urgent/expedited repairs is our specialty



  • Hydraulic and Mechanical upgrade engineering available
  • Reconfigure pump hydraulics to meet customer’s new operational requirements
  • Materials upgrades to improve operation and reliability



  • EPS provides a timely, cost-effective solution when you are faced with potentially long delivery times, high cost from OEMs or dealing with obsolete parts
  • EPS provides an alternative to direct repair or replacement by using latest materials and manufacturing techniques to improve operation and reliability of your asset
  • Parts can range from simple sleeves to impellers to complete rotor assemblies



  • Reliability Engineering Services – Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), Improving Meantime between Repair (MTBR), component/materials upgrades
  • Full service machine shop, with welding and fabrication capabilities
  • Dynamic balancing of components and/or rotor assembly
  • Hydrostatic testing of pressure containing components
  • Non destructive examination (NDE) of components
  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Material hardness data collection
  • Field alignment capability using laser alignment tools
  • Vibration data collection and analysis
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement

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